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MOMAR GROUP – Manufacturer of Nautical Accessories:
– Bimini , Boats , Motor Boat, Sail Boat , Inflatable Boat , Gozzi, Boat with Flybridge , Yacht , Maxi Yacht .
– Roll – Bar for Boats : Roll – Bar for Inflatables Boat , Roll – Bar for Sail Boat .
– T-Top aluminium , T – TOP Steel .
– Spray Hood – Easy Bag – Platform – Transon Platform – Gangway, Ladders, Gangway for Sailors, Covers Fenders.
Barrier Anti – Pollution, Ecological Barriers, Floating Barrier, Panne Anti Pollution,
Panne Floating, Protection Marina, Coast Protection, Beaches Protection, Refuges Protection, Protection Lido, Marine Parks Protection,
Jellyfish Protection, Algae Protection, Protection Lakes, Rivers Protection, Inland Water Protection, Protection for Cleaners, for Reclamation Protection, Aquaculture Protection.
Protection and Treatment Black Water, Marine Protection, Construction Divers, Protection Dredging, Pipelines Floating Protection, Offshore Protection,
Stations Protection Petroleum, Gas Protection, Antivirus Protection – Turbidity, Port Pollution Protection for Maritime Works , Protection for Works Divers Protection.
Barrier Anti – Flood, Flood Protection, Protection Full of Rivers, Floods Protection, Protection Oil, Gas Protection, Absorbing Barrier, Frane Protection , Barrier Absorbent Oil .